Implementing the StoreKit framework in SwiftUI

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A quick disclaimer: This article is based on iOS 13 and Swift 5.x. I should also mention for beginners in this domain that the StoreKit framework can only be used if you are a registered Apple developer. I put together a more recent one here.

StoreKit will not work on…

Implementing new features in StoreKit

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Before you read this story, note an updated version [as in code] can be found here.

Much of the buzz at WWDC2020 was given over to SwiftUI 2.0 …

A look at some different ways to link a class with a SwiftUI interface

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I was playing around with SpriteKit, and it occurred to me that it might be a good exercise to remind myself of how many different ways I could link my SwiftUI code with my SpriteKit scene/class. …

Continuing on our journey to build an iOS paint app

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You have I trust read part one of this short series in which I hope to develop a simple painting app. If you haven’t then you should stop here perhaps and read it first.

Bon — thanks for coming back — join me to continue working on a painting app…

Use the new Canvas view to build a simple painting app

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One of the things you’ll surely find yourself needing to do when developing apps is some simple graphics. The sort of graphics you can draw with Paint or Preview. They’re great apps, but not always ideal because frequently when you need a shape as a bitmap, you want it a…

Should I learn SwiftUI or UIKit?

In 2017 Apple opened its new HQ in California, at 1 Infinite Loop — an event that was most lightly proceeded by more political manoeuvring with Apple management arguing about office space than the last US election. …

And comparing the implementations across the various SwiftUI iterations

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In 1991 the sequel to the first Terminator movie came out — it was so far ahead of its time, the computer-generated SFX still holds up to this day. Contrast it with Alien 2, which came out in 1986; just a few years earlier in which the SFX now look…

Tips and tricks to avoid bugs and improve performance

Screengrab from WWDC 21 session

Last summer I wrote an article about what I considered to be one of the best WWDC talks in recent years. …

A look at the new Canvas View together with new shapes, colours, and blends

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In the mid-1970s, a man called Alvy Ray Smith III co-invented the concept of the alpha channel together with making a major contribution to the creation of the HSV colour space at the Xerox PARC. …

A look at transformations with the canvas views

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It wasn’t a coincidence that the Combine framework came out at the same time as SwiftUI one, they were made for each other. And although on a different scale, it isn’t a coincidence that the TimelineView was launched alongside the Canvas View either, they have been made for each other…

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